A slide gate valve provides a quick and efficient method for isolating and controlling the flow of free flowing powders, granules and dust.  Actuation can be manual, rack and pinion, motorized or pneumatic.

The Sunco slide gate valve offers reliable, continuous service with the minimum of attention and maintenance. The unit is commonly used on various types of gravity feed applications, such as at the discharge of dust collectors, cyclones, silos, hoppers and screw conveyors.  In addition, the slide gate valve can be used in conjunction with a rotary valve or diverter valve for maintenance purposes.

In this case, the slide gate valve would be positioned above the rotary valve or diverter valve and used to stop the flow of material so maintenance can be done on the valve beneath.

The pneumatic version is supplied complete with single solenoid spring return valve and limit switches to indicate open and closed positions.  Both the cylinder and solenoid are pre-piped and ready for installation.

Standard Features:
Sizes Available:  4" to 48".  Larger sizes available upon request
Materials of Construction:   mild steel, cast aluminum, stainless steel
Actuation:  manual (push/pull), rack and pinion (handwheel), motorized, pneumatic
Round and square inlets/outlets
Compact design for applications where minimal space is available
No lodgment points
Dust tight to atmosphere (pneumatic version)
Minimal dust escapement (manual version)
Complete with solenoid valve and limit switches (pneumatic version)

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