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Drop-Through Rotary Valves

Rotary Valves or Rotary Airlocks are regulate the flow of material from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition.  Common uses include at the discharge of dust collectors, storage bins and pneumatic conveying applications. 

Sunco Rotary Airlocks can accommodate pressure differentials up to 20 psi and termeratures to 750º F (utilizing special high temperature bearings).  We have made special valves to handle pressures to 350 psi and temperatures to 2200º F.

Standard Features & Specifications

Construction:     Cast Iron, Cast Aluminum, Cast 316SS
Rotor:                   Carbon Steel, Fabricated SS, with Open or Closed-Ends

Rotor Tips:          Adjustable and Replaceable Mild Steel, SS, Polyurethane or Fixed Blades
Bearings:             Sealed for Life, Mounted Outboard to Ensure Longer Life
Shaft Seal:           Cast Iron Type Gland Follower Pressurizing PTFE Type
Drive:                    TEFC Geared Motor, Side Wall Mounted to the Valve Body, Complete  

                               with Taperlock Sprockets and Chain Drive Enclosed in an OSHA Guard

Hard Chrome Internals, High Temperature Packing and Bearings, Quick Release Rotors, Inspection Doors, Beveled Rotor Tips, Reduced Capacity Rotor, Air Purge of Shaft Seals, Body Vent, Exlosion Proof, Mill & Chemical Duty Motors, Variable Speed Drives, Zero Speed Switches and more.


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