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Gravity Diverter Valves

 The Sunco Gravity Diverter is used to reroute material from one load point to two (2-Way Diverter)  or three (3-Way Diverter) other directions.  

The standard divert angles are 0° x 30° or 30° x 30° (2-Way) and 30° x 0° x 30° (3-Way).  However the divert angles can be changed to accommodate any application.  

Standard Features & Specifications

Construction:                 Fabricated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel 

Flap Plate Assembly:    Mild Steel or SS   

Wiper Seal:                     Polyurethane, Viton or Food Quality Rubber

Actuation:                       Manual with Hand Lever, Pneumatic or Electric

Pneumatic Versions standard with air cylinder, solenoid valves and limit switches

Bulk Material Handling Components & Systems

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