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Blow-Through Rotary Valve
Blow-Through Rotary Valve

The Sunco Blow-Through Rotary Valve is an extension of our Drop-Through Rotary Valve and is designed for use in the Pneumatic Conveying Industry. 

The unique design of the Blow-Through Rotary Valve allows you to introduce high pressure conveying air through the valve body and rotor pockets, which ensures a high  efficiency throughput with a low effective pressure drop.  This is achieved by more blades being in contact with the valve body for longer periods of time, resulting in less air leakage.  It also ensures the each rotor pocket is efficiently emptied.

Design Highlights

  • Maximum Number of Blades in Contact with Body at One Time
  • Good Throat Opening at Valve Inlet, Providing High Pocket Fillage
  • Robust Body Stiffened to Prevent Distortion
  • Heavy Shaft Diameters to Minimize Distortion
  • Outboard Bearings to Prevent Contamination
  • Precision Machining of Components

Standard Features & Specifications
Bodies:           Cast Iron, Cast 316SS

End Covers:  Cast Iron, Cast SS
Rotor:             Fabricated Mild Steel or SS, Open-End Type with Fixed Blades
Bearings:        Sealed for Life, Mounted Outboard to Ensure Longer Life
Shaft Seal:     Cast Iron Type Gland Follower Pressurizing PTFE Type
Drive:              TEFC Geared Motor, Side Wall Mounted to the Valve Body, Complete with  

                         Taperlock Sprockets and Chain Drive Enclosed in an OSHA Guard

Quick Release Rotors, Air Purge of Shaft Seals (used to prevent dust-laden air from penetrating the packing  gland and thereby breaking down both the packing and rotor shaft), Body Vent, Explosion Proof, Mill & Chemical Duty Motors, Variable Speed Drives Zero Speed Switches, High/Low Temperature Bearings.


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