The Sunco Plug Diverter Valve is used on applications where a typical flap diverter valve cannot be used due to high pressures and/or abrasive materials.  The Plug Diverter is ideal for high vacuum conveying systems or applications were  leakage cannot be tolerated. 

The Plug Diverter consists of a robust cast body which houses a cast plug between a pair of end covers.  The material being handled passes from one line through a tunnel within the plug to either of the two outlet lines.  The material stream is diverted to the selected outlet by rotating the plug through 150⁰.  Rotation is alternately clockwise and counter-clockwise and is achieve by means of a double-acting torque actuator. 

To prevent cross contamination of product air to the chamber or dominant leg, sealing is achieved by means of a PTFE spring-loaded gland arrangement, which is adjustable and replaceable.

Sizes Available

2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8" and 10"

Materials of Construction

  • Body:  Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Cast Stainless Steel
  • End Covers:  Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Cast SS
  • Plug:  Cast Iron or Stainless Steel
  • Wiper Seal:  FDA Approved
  • Shaft Seal:  PTFE Packing or Rubber Lipseal
  • Actuator:  150 Degrees Rotation
  • Solenoid Valve:  Single Solenoid
  • Micro Switches:  Honeywell
  • Connections:  Stub Ends or Flanged


Conveying Cast Diverter Valve


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