A Slide Gate Valve provides a quick and efficient method for isolating and controlling the flow of free flowing powders, granules and dust. 

Sunco Slide  Gate Valves offers reliable, continuous service with the minimum need for attention and maintenance.   These valves are commonly used on various types of gravity feed applications, such as at the discharge of dust collectors, cyclones, silos, hoppers and screw conveyors.  In addition, Sunco Slide Gate Valves can be used for maintenance purposes in conjunction with a Rotary Walve or Diverter Valves.   In this case, the Slide Gate Valve would be positioned above the Rotary Valve or Diverter Valve and used to stop the flow of material so maintenance can be done on the valve beneath.

Sunco offers two types of Slide Gate Valves:

Compact with Cast Aluminum Body with SS Slide Plate 

This off-the-shelf, cost-effective design is available in round and square configurations, and can be actuated by manual/push-pull, hand-wheel, pneumatic or motorized. 

Fabricated Standard & Heavy Duty

Our Fabricated Slide Gates are custom-built to meet your specific construction and size requirements.  Sizes range from 4" - 16" for our Standard  Duty design and  8"-60" for our Heavy Duty design.   Manual, Pneumatic and Motorized Actuation are standard.  Standard materials of constructions are mild steel and stainless steel, but other materials are available upon request. 

By Design, Slide Gates Valves are not 100% dust-tight.  If you need a dust-tight seal, see our Knife Gate Valves

When it comes to our Slide Gate Valves, you tell us what you need and we will build it!

Slide Gate Valve

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