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Gravity Fabricated Diverter Valve

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The Sunco Gravity Diverter is used to reroute material from one load point to two (2-Way Diverter)  or three (3-Way Diverter) other directions.   It is designed for use on applications where little or no pressure or vacuum is present.  

The standard divert angles are 0° x 30° or 30° x 30° (2-Way) and 30° x 0° x 30° (3-Way).  However special divert angles are available to accommodate any application.  

Also since this is a fabricated valve, we can shorten the overall height to a lower profile when stack up height is an issue.

Standard Features & Specifications


Flap Plate Assembly:   

Wiper Seal:                    


Air Cylinder:                  

Solenoid Valve:             

Limit Switches:             




Gravity Diverters are designed for little to no pressure/vacuum.  If you have pressure/vacuum present, please see our Conveying Diverter Valves


Fabricated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel 

Mild Steel or Stainless Steel 

Polyurethane, Viton or Food Quality Rubber

Manual with Hand Lever, Pneumatic or Electric    Standard on Pneumatic Versions              Standard on Pneumatic Versions

Standard on Pneumatic Versions

Round or Square. Special flange patterns are available upon request

Gravity Fabricated Diverter Valve

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