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Double Dump Valve
Double Dump Valve

A Double Dump Valve, also called a Double Tipping Valve, is commonly used in pneumatic applications where a Rotary Airlock is not suitable due to the potential for leakage.  Double dumps are also typically used on fibrous, oversized or very abrasive products where a rotary airlock would suffer intolerable wear.

Sunco double dump valves consist of two flaps connected by counterweights or spring-loaded spindles, which are operated by means of a motor-driven cam. 

During operation, product builds up on the flap until a sufficient load overcomes the counterweight.  The cam alternately opens each flap, allowing material to pass through the separate chambers in batch form and thereby ensuring a gas seal.  After cam release, the counterweights (or springs) smoothly return each flap to the sealed position.

Units are suitable for pressure differentials of up to 20" WG/0.75 PSI.  However with special consideration to the contact points between the inlet and the flap, a seal can be incorporated to allow pressures up to 5 psi.

Standard Features:
Sizes Available:        6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" & 20" (Larger sizes upon request)

Construction:          Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel

Actuation:                Manual, Motorized or Pneumatic

High Temperatures designs good for up to  1382°F / 750°C


Single Dump Valves, constructed of mild steel or fabricated stainless steel, are also available upon request.