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Sanitary USDA Rotary Valve

Sunco's Clean Lock Rotary Airlock is designed for sanitary/hygienic applications, where cleanliness is a primary concern. It is a modular design engineered specifically for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where cleanliness, both internal and externally, must be to a high standard.

All internal and external surfaces are fully machined, creating a smooth surface with no lodgement points.  A quick-release rotor is standard, which allows for easy cleaning with minimal downtime.

The drive is typically direct-coupled, which makes the valve more compact and eliminates the need for motor mounting plates, bosses, chains and sprockets, which may otherwise contaminate the process and complicate the cleaning process.

Design Highlights

  • Compact, modular design
  • No lodgement points
  • Constructed of cast 316 SS with all internals surfaces fully machined and all welds ground smooth and polished to a 180-grit finish (other finishes also available)
  • All external surfaces are fully machined with polished finishes available

            upon request

  • Quick-release stainless steel rotor for fast and easy accessibility and

              is standard

  • Direct-coupled drive, making the unit more compact and minimizing

             external cleaning

  • Outboard bearings for non-contamination
  • Food grade seals and packing 
  • Available with optional Slide Rails

        Now Available: USDA-Approved Rotary Valve.  Contact us for Details

Sanitary Rotary Valve