Conveying Cast Diverter Valve


The Sunco Conveying Diverter is commonly used on pneumatic conveying applications to reroute material from one load point to two discharge points.   The standard divert angle is 0° x 22.5.  However additional divert angles, such as 0° x 30°, can be supplied upon request. 

The Conveying Diverter Valve consists of a robust body manufactured in two sections, split at the center flange for ease of access to the internal sealing flap.  The internal surfaces are machined to provide a smooth surface, allowing for no lodgement points.  With the special cone transition at the inlet, an efficient internal seal is maintained, thus increasing the conveying line pressure. 

Suitable for pressures up to 20 PSI. 

Standard Features & Specifications

Flap Plate Assembly:   
Wiper Seal:                    
Air Cylinder:                  
Solenoid Valve:             
Limit Switches:             

Conveying Diverters are designed for use on pneumatic convey lines.  For For gravity applications, please see our
Gravity Diverter Valves

Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Cast Stainless Steel
Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Polyurethane, Viton or Food Quality Rubber
Manual with Hand Lever, Pneumatic or Electric    Standard on Pneumatic Versions              Standard on Pneumatic Versions
Standard on Pneumatic Versions
Round or Spigotted

Conveying Cast Diverter Valve
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